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First settled in 1650, Freehold Township, New Jersey is one of the original townships of Monmouth County. It has always been the county seat, and from 1715 to 1801 Freehold was simply called “Monmouth Courthouse.”  Freehold enjoys a past that is rich in American Revolution History. Visitors to Freehold can hike, horseback ride or picnic on the grounds of Monmouth Battlefield, the 18th century landscape of fields, woods and orchards where one of the largest battles of the Revolutionary War took place.


Freehold Township, New Jersey is a Township in Monmouth County with a substantial population of 31,537.  It stretches nearly 40 square miles with over 12,000 households.  The median home value of Freehold Township homes is approximately $410,000, and the average household income is just shy of $100,000.


Many refer to the Raceway Mall or as the hometown of Bruce Springsteen when asked what first comes to mind.  It features a historic downtown that is packed with restaurants, small businesses and Victorian architecture.  Route 9 runs through Freehold and displays various shopping centers and commercial buildings on both the north and south-bound side.  Beyond the central parts of Freehold lie sprawling homes on large lots of land.  It is also host to many farms that are sold at local markets and stands.

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