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Farmindale, New Jersey is located in Monmouth County and is surrounded by Howell Township.  It is part of 21 pairs of “doughnut towns” in New Jersey, where one municipality entirely surrounds another.   Farmingdale dates back to an Indian path toward the Manasquan River.  In 1830, construction of the Manasquan River dam led to the discovery of a 4-mile triangular deposit of Marl centered in Farmingdale.  This natural bed of fertilizer, beneficial to farm crops, promoted development of The Squankum Railroad and Marl Company.  Farmingdale has a diverse industrial history for such a small borough because of its role as a hub for freight rail lines.


The Borough of Farmingdale has a land area of 0.5 square miles and is located in the south-central portion of the county.  Today, Farmingdale, New Jersey retains its small town character with a population of 1,604.  Well-maintained homes on small lots and a commercial district serve the needs of the neighborhood.  The median home value is just shy of $450,000.


Farmingdale, New Jersey is host to exceptional schools, including Howell High School, part of the Freehold Regional School District.  It is conveniently located 25 minutes from Red Bank and 15 minutes from Freehold.  The proximity to ocean beaches is a hugely sought-after perk, with Belmar Beach just 15 minutes away, due to 195 being readily accessible.

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