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Map these properties   Powered by Credit Course Video 1   Credit Course Video 2   Credit Course Video 3   Credit Course Video 4   Credit Course Video 5   Credit Course Video 6   Credit Course Video 7 Search like a REALTOR®.   Click To Read More

Negotiating Rules (7 Videos)

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In the series of videos below you’ll learn about 7 rules to follow when negotiating your next home purchase. These are: Never Put Your Best Offer First Develop a good relationship with the cooperating agent Know when to walk away Know what the seller wants Know your market Get A Home Inspection Ask For it! These rules are outlined in the 7 videos below… Negotiating Rules 1 Negotiating Rules 2 Negotiating Rules 3 Negotiating Rules 4 Negotiating Rules 5 Negotiating Rules 6 Negotiating Rules 7 Click To Read More

Get Preapproved

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Before you even start shopping for a home, you’ll want to be sure you have financing in place to make your purchase. Getting a “pre-approval” from a reputable lender is one of the first steps in your home shopping process. Watch this video for more details: Click To Read More

5 Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent

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Working with a true real estate professional comes with a lot of advantages over trying to go it alone. By working with a pro you’ll get: Someone with Market Knowledge who can help you navigate existing inventory and get you a good deal Someone with the industry contacts to help you through a pain free transaction To save time! You’ll save time making common newbie mistakes. Plus you’ll be able to quickly focus in on properties fitting your unique criteria A 3rd Party Buffer when it comes time to negotiate. You won’t want too many emotions involved here — having […] Click To Read More

Rent To Own Video Course

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With all the uncertainty in the real estate markets these days, a lot of folks are choosing Rent To Own as a strategy for acquiring their next home. The following video course details what you need to know about the Rent To Own Lease Purchase process. 3 Things To Consider Before Doing A Rent To Own Your Rent To Own Checklist   3 Truths About Rent To Own 3 Ways To Prepare for A Rent To Own Purchase 4 Keys To Finding A Good Rent To Own Opportunity Who Is Responsible For What In A Rent To Own Your Down […] Click To Read More